In pursuit of its mission which is to coordinate and support the ecosystem of advanced materials, PRIMA Quebec wishes to support the Government of Quebec in the search for solutions which will be able to take advantage of the expertise, both industrial and research, resulting of the advanced materials ecosystem.

Do you have a research or innovation project that can help fight the COVID19 pandemic or prevent this kind of pandemic in the future? If you have solutions to the current crisis, especially in the following areas, please contact us as soon as possible:

New materials

  • antimicrobial materials
  • antimicrobial chemicals

High performance formulated or finished or semi-finished materials

  • sensors
  • antimicrobial technical textiles

Implementation processes, scaling and new characterization techniques

  • antibacterial surface treatment
  • Lab on chip
  • medical equipment manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, shaping, CNC…
  • medical characterization systems

Simply complete this form and submit it directly to Sylvie Dufort of PRIMA Quebec, who will deal with the concerned departments. Your project could benefit from financial support and thus help to fight against this pandemic. Please note that proposals will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis according to the priority level.


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