In November 2020, the Québec government announced its 2030 Plan for a Green Economy. With its framework policy of electrification and the fight against climate change, the government wants to make the fight against climate change a major lever for economic development and international influence. To this end, it will rely on the electrification of the economy, the development of other renewable energy resources, as well as the emergence of economic sectors of the future that create quality jobs. The INNOV-R PME measure is part of this vast initiative and aims for the emergence of innovative projects that will allow Québec to achieve its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction objectives more rapidly.


The INNOV-R PME measure is made possible thanks to the Fonds d’électrification et de changements climatiques (FECC) and the sums are administered by the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie (MEIE). The aim of the measure is to support innovative industrial research projects with a high potential for reducing GHG emissions in Québec, the benefits of which will allow the province to achieve its medium and long-term reduction objectives and targets, notably for 2030, which is set at 37.5% below the 1990 level.

The INNOV-R PME measure is deployed by the Regroupements sectoriels de recherche industrielle (RSRI), which act as intermediation and financing organizations for collaborative research. Through their mandate, they promote knowledge transfer and the appropriation of innovation by companies in different key sectors of the economy. The seven (7) RSRIs involved in the deployment of the measure are identified in Appendix A of the guide.


ENCOURAGE the emergence of innovative technologies and practices that will allow Québec to progress more quickly towards its GHG emissions reduction objectives;

PROMOTE the implementation of new technologies that will help reduce GHG emissions;

MOBILIZE businesses around collaborative innovation projects aimed at discovering solutions to reduce GHG emissions;

SUPPORT the development of intellectual property related to new GHG reduction technologies;

STRENGTHEN the adoption of clean technologies by businesses;

STIMULATE investments in innovation focused on reducing GHG emissions.


Projects eligible for the INNOV-R PME  measure must:

  • demonstrate a high potential for reducing GHG emissions in Québec;
  • At a minimum, a potential of 50,000 tonnes of CO2 reduced or avoided during the first ten (10) years after the commercialization of the product, technology or innovation;
  • The FECC’s contribution to the project must be less than $20 per ton of potential CO2;
  • be submitted by an SME established in Quebec and carrying out internal production or R&D activities there;
  • be carried out in collaboration with another Québec company or a Québec public research institution;
  • relate to the development of a new product or a new process or to the significant improvement of an existing product or process;
  • involve a necessary level of innovation, that is to say that the product or process must present a decisive advantage compared to existing solutions on the market and compared to the sector of activity at national or international level;
  • involve a technological or business risk or uncertainty for the SME;
  • demonstrate commercial potential or significant deployment potential when the product or process is intended for sale.


The financing parameters of the projects submitted as part of the INNOV-R PME measure are presented in the table below.

Table: Financing parameters of the INNOV-R PME  measure

Parameters Condition Details
Québec SME At least one SME as applicant Several SMEs can submit a project, the grant will be paid to the SME submitting the project only.
Number of public research institutions


One or more, as partner The grant is paid to the SMEs submitting the project. The grant can be used to support IRPQ expenses.
Québec company with 250 employees or more


One or more, as partner The grant will be paid to SMEs submitting the project. The grant cannot be used to support expenses incurred by this type of partner, although its contributions are eligible.
Enterprise outside Québec (optional) Yes, as 3rd partner The grant will be paid to the SME(s) submitting the project. The grant cannot be used to support expenses incurred by this type of partner, even though its contributions are eligible.
Private funding  At least 50% of eligible expenses The SME submitting the project must contribute at least 20% of eligible expenses.
Duration of projects 2 years maximum n/a
Funding INNOV-R PME Electrification of transport: $1,000,000 maximum

Other sectors: $375,000 maximum

RSRI management fees covered by INNOV-R SME are included in the funding.


  • Launch of the call for projects: December 11, 2023
  • Deadline for submitting the letter of intent: January 29, 2024
    • An analysis of the letter of intent will be made. Financial statements are requested when submitting the letter of intent. These will be evaluated by an external evaluator who will give us a recommendation in relation to the solvency of the company. A response will be sent to you on February 20, 2024, if your project is approved you will receive the detailed application form.
    • Support for the GHG portion will be offered later in February for detailed applications only, the letter of intent does not require extensive calculations.
  • Closing of the call (submission of projects to the RSRI): April 19, 2024


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For eligibility criteria or to discuss your innovation project, contact:

Michel Lefèvre
Director – Programs & International Collaborations
514 284-0211 ext. 227

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