PRIMA Québec and the National Research Foundation of Korea signed a letter of intent February 2nd, 2024. Both organizations aim at forging new and strengthening existing research collaboration between Korea and Québec through the involvement of academic and industrial partners for both sides.



Support and implement international research and innovation initiatives between universities, colleges, institutions and industries. Specifically, this program aims at both forging new and strengthening existing research collaboration between Korea and the Province of Québec through the involvement of academic and industrial partners, from both sides.


Targeted results

  • Increased research collaboration between universities and industry, along with greater international, inter-sectoral and inter-agency collaboration;
  • Greater visibility for Quebec researchers and their institutions at the national and international levels;
  • Greater development for researchers seeking to improve their competitive positioning in Quebec’s future markets through R&D projects.
  • The PRIMA QUÉBEC-NRF 2024 joint project call will fund two projects for a maximum of 2 years with a maximum of public funding contributions from the Québec side at $163,000/year and KRW 150 million/year for the Korean side.


  • All research projects with technological maturity levels (TRL 1-9) are eligible.
  • The funding recipients shall be universities, research institutions and industries (particularly small and medium-sized enterprises) based in Korea and the Province of Quebec. Eligible for funding are consortia composed of at least four partners (2+2), two partners from the Korean side and two from the Quebec side. For each side, these consortia should include at least one university or research institution AND at least one enterprise; but the coordinator for each consortia should be from university or research institution.
  • The projects must demonstrate a balanced participation of the Quebec and foreign parties throughout their development; a financial contribution in cash totalling at least 20% of the eligible expenses in Quebec is required from the Quebec tenant community and a contribution in cash or in kind totalling at least 30% of the overall expenses of the Quebec – Korea consortium project is required for the ‘all of the project’s foreign partners.
  • The financial assistance from the ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie (MEIE) will take the form of a non-repayable and non-recurring contribution of up to 50% of the eligible expenses of the Quebec part with a total of Quebec’s public financing of 163 000 $CAD/Year (Complementary funding, PRIMA Fund, Indirect Cost of Research (ICR), MEIE management fees).
  • The maximum duration of the project will be two years.


English version :

French version :


      • Opening of the call for proposals:  February 27, 2024
      • Letter of Intent Deadline: March 29, 2024
      • Deadline for submitting proposals: May 21, 2024 (noon, Montréal Time for Canada / 18:00, Seoul Time for Korea)
      • Eligibility check: May 21-28, 2024
      • Project Evaluation Period: June – July 2024
      • Exchange of evaluation results: August 2024
      • Final Decision: September 2024
      • Project start: October 2024


      For eligibility criteria or to discuss your innovation project, contact:

      Michel Lefèvre
      Director – Programs & International Collaborations
      514 284-0211 ext. 227

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