Montreal, November 24, 2020 – Working through PRIMA Québec, the Government of Quebec will grant $749,044 in financial assistance to 1QBit and AWN Nanotech for a collaborative agreement that seeks to stimulate innovation in chemistry and nanotechnology through quantum computing. With a total value of $1,498,088, the initiative will spur innovation that benefits the chemical, energy and environment sectors.

“Quantum technologies have yet to be fully understood,” said Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of economy and innovation. But Québec will continue to play a leading role in this cutting-edge sector through its world-renowned researchers. The partnership between 1QBit and AWN Nanotech demonstrates the contribution of quantum technologies to fundamental research and the development of new industrial technologies. By calling on projects in quantum technology, our government will continue to promote innovation within Quebec’s strategic sectors of activity. This collaboration will highlight the benefits of quantum computing in the drinking water and environmental sectors.”

For more details, refer to the Press Release.

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