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Materials & national defense

In the next 20 years, G$40 to 60, of public contract coming from national defense and linked to ITB Policy will be affected to canadian and non canadian OEM.

Québec relies on leading sectoral organizations, which serve as nerve centres within an extensive network of companies and state-of-theart public research institutions capable of working together on the implementation of major projects.

R-D DÉFENSE QUÉBEC is a group involving PRIMA QUÉBEC for advanced materials,  that brings its organizations together with vital defence and security capabilities and acts as a single brokerage service facilitating access to Québec’s R&D resources and responding to opportunities in the defence sector.

Through GROUPE DÉFENSE QUÉBEC, prime contractors have the opportunity to:

  • Easily find research and innovation collaborators from the industrial and/or academic communities.
  • Ensure the implementation of projects that meet expressed needs and maximize economic spinoffs.
  • Reduce delays and risks related to the implementation of projects, by quickly identifying the right collaborators.
  • Ensure the efficiency and simplicity of administrative processes by facilitating contract negotiations.

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