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AS Composite inc

AS Composite is a privately owned company involved in the design and the production of new and innovative composite products for the transport and the construction industries. The company adopts thermoplastic composite in its line of products. Special attentions given to the production of a highly efficient and unique structural panel system made from a lightweight core and reinforced thermoplastic composite skins. The panels are produced by a continuous process developed by the engineering team of AS Composite.

The ASC product and process directly speaks to the issues implied by Sustainability:

1- The ASC panel can be made from recycled materials and the finished panels and any waste generated during production can be recycled as well. The skin and HC core will be shredded and then used to make reinforced thermoplastic pieces in extrusion or injection molding.
2- In ASC process the unconsolidated material is conveyed to the oven to heat up once and then to several pairs of roller to compressed and cooled down, all in a continuous manner. So, process consumes less energy compare to any other fabrication method on which heating and cooling step is done in many times so less contributes to pollution. On the other hands, each part of machine has a constant temperature during all production run and no need to alternate heating and cooling so again process use less energy and also machine will be less amortized.
3- The ASC panel is impervious to water, will not rot, will not support mold, is highly impact resistant and UV resistant and can be made fire-proof. Therefore, the structures built this way will have a much greater service life the conventional materials with little maintenance required.
4- Due to high insulation value of ASC panel used in building systems, required energy for heating and cooling along with maintenance effort will be greatly reduced.
5- The ASC panel system produces no off-gassing and is completely environmentally friendly.
6- AS Composite has a plan to incorporate Bio material in his production line where appropriate.